Kinetic Sculptures

We have been busy creating a new product line — What is more fun than a Metal  Kinetic Sculpture? ~~ Not Much!

Kinetic Sculptures

Kinetics in Motion

 Whale – Fish and Fox

Pintail Duck – Kinetic Sculpture
Common Merganser -Kinetic Sculpture


Product Development video below ~~

Too much fun with Kinetic sculptures!

Posted by Arlene Saunders on Saturday, October 27, 2018

With our new favourite welding shop tool – a plasma cutter – we are at the precipice of developing some very fun decorative sculptures.  One little push gives you a half hour of swinging fun!

Please visit this site often to see what’s in the works.

Unicycle Man

One Fish, Two Fish~~

Rowboat Fishing
Canoe Fishing
Fox and Hare