Open for Business – in Walters Falls

Chris and I welcome you to our new home for Old Soul Furniture & Art.  Our showroom is filling up quickly and our doors are open for business.  We have had a fun 8 months building our home and workshop in the Grey Highlands.  Our final grading is complete and there is ample parking on site. We are Open Thursday to Sunday  11 – 4 (or whenever the OPEN sign is out – or by chance/appointment).  We look forward to your visit!


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  1. Hi Arlene,
    Wally here. I was in Kingsville this week n my five year old granddaughter (Sloane) decided we must do something for my daughter’s ( Caitlin) birthday.
    This is the child who last year took her father into a jewller’s saying “ We will not leave here until we’ve bought Mom a pair of earrings”.
    Sloane n I talked “antiques” n when home I phoned Heartwood n explained my quest. I walked in there on Friday n leaned on the counter. The nice lady showed me lotsov stuff but I had made up my mind. I bought the “antique” and sent it “ for the attention of Sloane”.
    Today it arrived n Sloane unpacked it n presented it as her gift to Mommy. I had explained this to Caitlin presuming the “antique” wd be Sloane’s.

    I just rcd a note from Caitlin
    (she works shifts) and she adores the gift. I do hope Caitlin will let five yr old Sloane n two year old Cooper play w it.

    I did not know you crafted this until I was walking out of Heartwood.

    Thank you. A joyful sturdy well crafted thing.

    I had lost yr text address but receiving such a happy note from Caitlin I googled you.
    Damn The pic won’t go.

    I’ll sent it later!

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