Whiskey Barrels- Reclaimed and Revisited

Not gonna lie –  we are both loving the aroma of the workshop these past few weeks – as well as loving the process of creating furniture and accessories out of the staves – barrel tops and rings.     

      Head on over the Furniture tab to see more photos

    Bench  35″ x 14″ x 18″H –   $345

Whiskey Barrel Stave Tables – ~ 22″ x 18″H    $370

PEACE- Barrel Ring & Stave –   $75
Stave & Cutlery Hooks – $55

It IS time to get creative again – let’s do it!

We love the process of creating new pieces –  marrying some wonderful heirlooms and artifacts to make something very unique – something with a history – a piece that will live on indefinitely.      Take a peek at the gallery below to see a few of the items we have fabricated .. the pics below are taken in our own home.  The possibilities are endless – more pics of other areas, in our little abode, to come.     Also, click the Furniture & Accessories Tab to see a bigger selection.

Please drop us a line if you want a quote on designing and creating any metal and wood furniture and accessories.

We would be happy to collaborate with you  on your project —  add a metal component – a table or bench frame – unique shelving .  Bring us your ideas or ask us for input ~   info@oldsoul.ca 

Still reading and looking for some wall art? Take a wander over to www.arlenesaunders.com – commissions are always welcome

Family Heirloom – Tool Chest from Scotland ~ late 1800’s

Tools from the tool chest – make perfect book end shelf brackets!

Mark your Calendars —

We are looking forward to participating in the Autumn Leaves Studio Tour again this year — October 1, 2 & 3 — from 10 am to 5pm.    After cancelling the tour last year — a group of tour members have been busy making sure we are open and safe for visitors this year!

Please visit the  Website for info on all participating Studios ~ 2021

Autumn Leaves Studio Tour — it’s that time again!

The Autumn Leaves Studio Tour is gearing up — Oct. 4, 5 & 6th   from 10 – 5 each day.  Please take some time out of the weekend to stop in – we’d love to see you —  We are “G” on the map – on the outskirts of Walters Falls –  🙂

Chris and I have been pretty busy in the workshop –  you’ll see a whack of new and interesting Furniture/accessories and Art –

This ‘Secret Cubby’ in our Barn Beam Console Table is not for the faint of heart!   Feel free hide your most prized possession behind that 100 year old SPIKE!!

Barn Beam Console Table – with Secret Cubby 🙂

We’re in full swing ~

The 2019 Art Show season is taking shape — Our studio is open most days by chance or appointment. We are thrilled to be showing our work at the amazing  Heartwood Home in Owen Sound and we are included in the Walters Falls Group of Artists Show and Sale in late August – as well as the Autumn Leaves Studio Tour in early October.    Feel free to contact us before arriving to ensure we are onsite.  info@oldsoul.ca

Chris and Arlene Saunders welcome you to their creative space in the lovely Grey Highlands. You’ll find furniture and accessories made from reclaimed wood and metal – items using found material and interesting artifacts for indoor and out! Pair that up with paintings (watercolour, acrylic, and mixed media – local scenes and architectural compositions) and kinetic sculpture. Commissions are welcome.